We build 4D models by combining programme schedules with design models and logistics information. We use Synchro PRO as our chosen 4D software, and work with all file types related to programmes and design models.

All of our models, and all of the images here, are Gantt driven true representations. We don’t use post-production and we don’t treat 4D as an animation output.

4D is a working tool to support team decisions, collaborative working and improve construction delivery.

We’ve invested a lot of effort and time into our process so that we may create 4D models that are clear, lightweight and flexible. This allows them to be used in real time in our 4D planning workshops where we unlock team expertise and together, develop programmes and construction strategy.

This technology is incredible and it has the potential to revolutionise the way the industry works in the very near future. The immersive experience provides a level of design detail and scrutiny that you simply cannot recreate in a 2D or even 3D format. The traditional way site logistics are managed is through a combination of hand-drawn sketches and 2D drawings, with very few companies truly embracing the use of 3D modelling tools. We’d walk round a site describing where items like tether zones, green routes and signage need to be installed. Maybe 70% would be correctly set up, through drawings not being read correctly, the direction being lost in translation or unforeseen obstructions
Neill Stratton
Construction Manager, 22 Bishopsgate