Freeform have been a vital resource to our Construction Team at 100 Liverpool Street. They’ve helped to educate the whole team on the art of the possible whilst pushing the boundaries of 4D. The work produced continues to map the way we communicate with teams both internally and externally. Their knowledge, support and constructive feedback helped to deliver a sterling product that continues to be used by the project team on a daily basis
Padraig Delaney
London Regional BIM Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine



100 Liverpool St is an ambitious 520,000 sqft mixed use building in the centre of Broadgate. Surrounded by a working Crossrail site, TFL bus station, the UK’s busiest Network Rail access route directly through the site and key neighbours, the site alone presents many difficult challenges. Add to this a complex sequence of demolition, retention and new build, and constrained working.


Sir Robert McAlpine utilised Freeform’s services to firstly create a high detail 4D model, and then run visual planning workshops with the model. Every stage of the project was checked, developed and planned collaboratively, around a table using the 4D model. The ‘Mall’ area includes a public access route where 180,000 passengers each day use between Liverpool St and neighbouring buildings.


The 4D model supported programme and logistics development, especially in ‘the Mall’ works. The model for this area was high detailed and visualised each stage of work, including all public access, hoarding lines and shop fronts. It was used to communicate the work to Network Rail and the retailers, giving confidence to all parties that disruption would be minimised.