Canary Wharf continue the large and ambitious development with a new Crossrail station and mixed use projects such as Wood Wharf. Canary Wharf continue to improve project management and delivery, and now look to implement 4D modelling on all construction projects.


“We utilise Freeform’s services to improve certainty. Their initial model was produced when areas of the development were at RIBA Stages 0-3 but even at these stages the 4D model helped us advance specific areas of the programme and create key milestones….


…This has assisted with our delivery strategy and over the past 12 months we have continually worked with Freeform to develop our programme. We’ll use 4D modelling during programme development to achieve, or better, the benefits which have been realised on our previous 4D projects.” David Tomlin, Project Director, Canary Wharf Contractors