The enabling works for HS2 at Euston are incredibly complex and challenging. Being in such close proximity to neighbours, and requiring deep excavations and constrained access, good planning and clear communication was a priority.


“4D provides confidence to all parties that CSJV are able to deliver a complex project and explain at all levels how the project will be delivered. Freeform’s model highlights various issues prior to construction that are likely to be overlooked on a conventional drawing mitigating potentially large cost and time impacts. Freeform are very proactive and have achieved all agreed dates.”   Alex Fairman Senior Agent HS2 Enabling P138A


There are 4D models and then there is Freeform’s 4D model and the difference is stark. The almost gaming quality of the output and the richness of detail and ability to interact make your offering superior to anything else I’m seeing in the market place at present. It adds huge value to the planning process. The level of service provided is professional, prompt with positive collaborative behaviours by your team. I’m a big supporter and want to broaden the use Freeform in the Euston area. Mark Howard Project Director HS2 Enabling Works