The Moorgate Shaft is a key section of work within the ambitious Crossrail project. It is the deepest of Crossrail’s excavations, and presented considerable challenges for the project team of BAM Nuttall Kier JV. Constrained working, tight city access, critical programme and complex logistics all added up to a extremely challenging project. Being part of a wider scheme of work (Crossrail) meant that the impact of late delivery was amplified beyond this section of work.


Freeform were appointed to create a high detail 4D model with the project team to support programme analysis and development. We worked closely with the team for 6 months, collaboratively reviewing the 4D model in on site workshops. The programme + logistics strategy was strengthened and the whole project team gained a clear understanding of the planned work.


Many construction options and temporary works solutions were tested in our time with the project team. The team were able to take full advantage of ongoing decision support of the 4D simulation, leading to a robust plan of work and successful delivery. The use of 4D directly led to a re-engineered temporary works solution that saved significant time, cost and improved the safety of the operations team. The model was updated regularly, and used to precisely track and report progress.